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Welcome to this layout! I used the CSS curve technique here to space text. It's not perfect, and at times you might find yourself wanting to re-position the text based on what you've typed.

To edit, simply go to style.css - scroll down and find the comments that lead to the CSS Curve. Change the numbers to your liking, increasing them would space the text away from the background image and vice versa. If you happen to mess up, simply redownload or contact me. I'll be happy to help if you need any.

About this Layout

I kind of cheated with this layout by using an already pretty image to work with. And the black is something new. I was afraid of the startling contrast it might add because of the lighter layout. It's one of those things that I have to try.. just to see if it'll work. Although I have my doubts about this one.

This is a blockquote. I hate IE with a passion. IE 7 especially. IE 6 is quirky too. The H1 headers are about 10px off in IE 6. It's ignoring a negative margin which I really shouldn't be using, but found it necessary. I'm too tired to work on that. Plus it doesn't look that bad, I hope.

Valid HTML and Valid CSS

I know the horizontal navigation's link hover description .. area is reallyy tiny. It's as far as I could go to incorporate that into the design and try to make it work at the same time. I just hope that open black space there doesn't look too odd. Hover over the links up there to see.

I wanted to make an update box or a content box but it wasn't working and I was loosing patience. So, instead I've added a very simple signature or comment .. space to suffice. To edit, replace the text the div whose class I've assigned as "sig".

This is a signature thing-y and this is a link.


  • Unzip the .zip file.
  • Upload all it's contents as they are in the zip file to your own server.
  • Edit the index.html for the content.
  • Leave the style.css as is - unless you need to edit the CSS Curve.
  • Please leave the watermark as is.
  • Credit and link back.


I know the first avatar doesn't actually go with this layout. I made it way before I made the layout and figured it would be a nice add on.

Credits, Terms and Conditions

- Layout Designed by Aun Existe Amor.
- Image from Aethereality.
- Hover text for the horizontal navigation: Pure CSS Pop-ups.
- CSS Curves.

IMPORTANT: Please do not remove the watermark on the layout or forget to link third party sources on the layout. You can remove this credit here, if you've properly credited elsewhere on your site.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, errors to report etc, don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy.